2664 PK12 Wooden ABC Blocks

$9.99 USD

2664 Pk 12 ABC Blocks by Bonka Bird Toys

Educate and Entertain Your Feathered Genius with ABC Wood Blocks!

Product Highlights:

  • Includes 12 large ABC wood blocks
  • Each block measures 1 1/8" providing substantial material for chewing
  • Colored with Non-Toxic food dyes, ensuring safety for your bird
  • Ideal for a variety of engaging and educational play activities

Introduce your intelligent avian friend to the 2664 Pk 12 ABC Blocks from Bonka Bird Toys, designed to stimulate both their mind and motor skills. Parrots, renowned for their intelligence, thrive with access to a variety of toys that challenge their cognitive and physical abilities. These large ABC wood blocks are perfect for such enriching activities.

Crafted from high-quality wood, each of the 12 blocks is a substantial 1 1/8" size, perfect for parrots who love to chew and manipulate objects with their beaks. The use of Non-Toxic food dyes adds a splash of captivating color, making these blocks not only safe but also visually appealing to your pet.

Key Features:

  • Educational Play: Each block features letters and numbers, making them great for educational interaction with your bird.
  • Chew-Friendly: Designed to satisfy the natural urge to chew, helping to keep your bird’s beak shaped and healthy.
  • Colorful and Safe: Brightly colored with food-safe dyes to attract your bird's attention without compromising their health.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for teaching, stacking, and tossing, encouraging both mental and physical activity.

Ideal For: Bird owners who are dedicated to providing their pets with toys that nurture their natural abilities and instincts. These blocks are perfect for parrots and other large birds that benefit from engaging play.

Equip your bird’s environment with the 2664 Pk 12 ABC Blocks, and watch them enjoy hours of fun and learning. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a tool for your bird to explore, learn, and grow in a healthy and stimulating way.