2661 Straw Stepper

$17.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys 2661 Straw Stepper

A Step Above the Rest - Introducing the 2661 Straw Stepper!

Product Overview: Welcome to a world of color, texture, and unending fun with the 2661 Straw Stepper from Bonka Bird Toys. Measuring an impressive 18 inches in height and 12 inches in width, this toy is a towering triumph of design and playability. Weighing just 8 ounces, it's a light yet sizeable addition to your bird's environment.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Straw Bundles: Equipped with three generously sized straw bundles for pecking, pulling, and preening.
  • Colorful Wooden Beads: Interspersed with brightly colored wooden beads to engage and entertain.
  • Pet-Approved Quality: Crafted with the safety and enjoyment of your feathered friends in mind.
  • Large Dimension: Provides ample space for birds to climb and explore.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to hang without stressing cage infrastructure.

Product Description: The 2661 Straw Stepper is a multi-sensory experience tailored for birds of all sizes. Its vertical design encourages birds to climb and hop from bundle to bundle, promoting healthy exercise. The texture-rich straw satisfies natural pecking instincts, while the wooden beads add a splash of color to catch your bird’s eye and keep them engaged.

Decorated with a trio of straw stacks, each bound securely with natural rope, this toy is perfect for birds who love to shred and forage. The wooden beads in between serve as lovely pit stops, offering a chewable diversion. The Straw Stepper is a fun way to enhance your pet’s day with physical activity and mental stimulation, ensuring that they're never bored.

Why Birds Adore the 2661 Straw Stepper:

  • Encourages natural behaviors like foraging and shredding.
  • Delivers a pleasing variety of textures for tactile enjoyment.
  • Adds an appealing visual element to your bird’s living space.
  • Offers multiple interaction points for extended play sessions.

Perfect for: Avian aficionados looking to enrich their bird's life with a toy that's both stimulating and safe. Whether your bird is a tiny tweeter or a big beaker, they'll find joy and excitement with the Straw Stepper.

Let your bird step up their playtime with the 2661 Straw Stepper – a staircase to avian amusement and wellbeing, brought to you by Bonka Bird Toys!