2653 Double Drum

$21.99 USD

2653 Double Drum by Bonka Bird Toys

Double the Fun, Double the Discovery

Get ready to watch your feathered pal drum up some fun with the 2653 Double Drum from Bonka Bird Toys! This engaging and interactive toy is a delightful spectacle of textures and play opportunities, expertly designed to keep your bird mentally and physically stimulated.

Intricate Design for Interactive Play:

  • Twin Palm Leaf Drums: Two beautifully woven palm leaf drums are stacked to create a multi-level foraging adventure, encouraging natural shredding and searching behavior.
  • Shreddable Foraging Material: Each drum is stuffed with shreddable material, making for an irresistible challenge that satisfies your bird’s instinct to explore and forage.
  • Finger Traps and Paper Accents: Adorning the exterior are finger traps and vibrant shreddy paper, adding to the allure and providing an array of textures for endless nibbling and peeling fun.

Tailored for Perfect Playtime:

  • Height: 17 inches
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 6 ounces

This toy is not only a source of entertainment but also a tool for improving your bird's wellbeing. The varying elements of the 2653 Double Drum encourage a range of activities that are crucial for the mental and physical health of pet birds. It’s designed to be a durable and safe choice for your bird's collection, and its lightweight construction ensures that birds of various sizes can interact with it comfortably.

Invite the 2653 Double Drum into your bird's cage and watch as it becomes their go-to source for play. It’s easy to install, instantly attractive, and guarantees to bring a symphony of joy to your bird's day!