2622 Foraging Unicorn Donkey Pinata

$18.99 USD

2622 Foraging Donkey Piñata from Bonka Bird Toys

Magical Playtime for Feathered Friends

Unveil a realm of enchantment and entertainment with the 2622 Foraging Donkey Piñata by Bonka Bird Toys. This captivating toy is ingeniously crafted to delight the curious and playful nature of your bird, merging visual allure with cognitive challenges. Perfectly sized at 14.50 inches in height, 7.50 inches in width, and 2.00 inches in depth, and feather-light at just 3 ounces, it's an ideal playmate for medium to large birds.

Why Choose the Foraging Donkey Piñata?

  • Engaging Activity: Stimulates natural foraging instincts, keeping your bird engaged and amused.
  • Instinctual Satisfaction: Fulfills the innate need for food search, enhancing mental well-being.
  • Aesthetic Charm: Adds a whimsical touch to your bird's surroundings with its vibrant unicorn design.
  • Lightweight Design: Ensures effortless interaction, providing endless hours of fun.

Benefits Beyond Imagination

This unicorn piñata is more than just a toy; it's a source of stimulation and joy for your avian companion. Designed with the classic piñata material that birds adore, it encourages pecking and pulling, offering both a physical exercise and a mental workout. Whether your bird is shredding, pecking, or exploring, the 2622 Foraging Donkey Piñata will captivate and entertain, bringing a sprinkle of magic to their daily routine.

Perfect for Medium to Large Birds

Recommended for a wide range of medium to large-sized birds, this toy is not only a bird favorite but also a trusted choice for pet parents. Let your bird experience the joy and excitement of interacting with this mythical creature, and witness the enchantment unfold in their playtime.

Add the 2622 Foraging Unicorn Donkey to your bird's collection of toys and watch as they embark on a journey filled with discovery and delight. It's more than a toy; it's an adventure that promises to keep your feathered friend enchanted and engaged.