2557 Sola Spider

$10.99 USD

Introduce your feathered friend to the "2557 Sola Spider" from Bonka Bird Toys, a delightful all-natural toy designed to captivate and entertain small to medium-sized birds. This toy combines the charm of natural materials with an engaging design, ensuring it becomes a beloved part of your bird's playtime routine.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Sola Balls for Engaging Play: Two 4cm sola balls, known for their soft and chewable texture, are sandwiched between two vine caps each, offering a delightful pecking and playing experience.

  2. Decorative Paper String and Cardboard: Connecting the sola balls is a paper string, adorned with cardboard pieces, adding an extra layer of interest and texture for your bird to explore.

  3. Shreddy Paper Bottom for Foraging Fun: The bottom of the toy is dressed with all-natural shreddy paper, promoting natural foraging behavior and providing your bird with hours of shredding enjoyment.

  4. Lightweight and Perfectly Sized: Weighing approximately 2 ounces and measuring about 11 inches in height and 12 inches in width, this toy is ideally sized for small to medium birds, offering a comfortable and engaging play experience.

  5. All-Natural Materials: Crafted from completely natural materials, this toy is safe and environmentally friendly, making it a perfect choice for eco-conscious pet owners.

Product Benefits:

  • Stimulates natural foraging and chewing instincts
  • Encourages exploration and physical activity
  • Provides mental stimulation and prevents boredom
  • Made with bird-safe, natural materials for peace of mind
  • Adds a playful and rustic touch to your bird's environment

Our Promise of Quality: At Bonka Bird Toys, we are committed to providing high-quality, natural, and stimulating toys for your beloved birds. The 2557 Sola Spider exemplifies our dedication to the well-being and enjoyment of pet birds.

Explore More: Check out our wide array of bird toys, accessories, and supplies, continually updated to cater to the diverse needs of your avian companions. Let the 2557 Sola Spider bring a touch of nature and fun to your bird's daily activities!