2531 Pk6 1.25" Cardboard Cubes

$3.99 USD

2531 Pk6 Cardboard cubes from Bonka Bird Toys – a versatile and engaging addition to your bird's environment that combines simplicity with entertainment. These cardboard cubes are designed to captivate your feathered friend's curiosity and provide a source of mental stimulation and play. They measure approximately 1.25 inches square;
The cardboard cubes are a plaything for your bird and an excellent tool for enhancing your bird's intelligence and problem-solving abilities. As your bird engages with these cubes, it will discover new ways to manipulate and interact with the cubes, promoting mental agility and cognitive growth. Bonka Bird Toys is synonymous with quality and bird-safe products, and the 2531 Pk6 1.25-inch cardboard cubes are no exception. You can trust that your bird will have a safe and enjoyable playtime experience with these cardboard cubes.

  • Excellent foot and talon toys.
  • 2531 Pk6 1.25-inch cardboard cubes
  • Great for bird toy making projects.
  • Six soft, chew cardboard squares.
  • 100% Bird Safe Material.