2527 Tiny ABC Cube Beads


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Bonka Bird Toys 2527 Tiny ABC Cube Beads – a delightful assortment of small wooden cubes that promise endless opportunities for play and creativity. These miniature wooden cubes, measuring 10mm in square, with a 3mm hole, bring a touch of natural charm to your bird's environment and craft projects. With a size just right for small to medium-sized birds to interact with comfortably, these cubes offer a versatile canvas for bird play and crafting endeavors. The 2527 Tiny ABC Cube Beads are crafted from quality wood, ensuring they are safe and durable for your feathered companions. Their small size and drilled hole make them perfect for stringing on wire or cord, allowing you to create captivating bird toys or enhance your crafting bird toy-making projects.

  • The 2527 Tiny ABC Cube Beads come with 24 evenly cut small wooden cube beads measuring 10mm square with a 3mm hole. 
  • The 2527 Tiny ABC Cube Beads are uncolored and eye-pleasing with their clean natural wooden look, drilled hole, and square shape. 
  • The total pack weighs only 3 ounces letting birds of all shapes and sizes play with them. Your pet will have no trouble biting and grabbing the wood texture.
  • The cube beads can be used as classic foot toys by simply placing them around the cage or being added to other toys to create fun structures.
  • The 2527 includes 24 evenly cut, pre-drilled wooden ABC cubes beads that are 100% bird-safe. Great for small to medium-sized birds such as Cockatiels, Parakeets, Conures, and similar.