2515 Small Colored Vine Ladders

$5.99 USD

Item Package

Essential Enrichment for Avian Feet

Introducing the 2515 Small Colored Vine Ladders from Bonka Bird Toys – the natural choice for any pet bird's playtime! These charming ladders are an indispensable addition to your bird's cage or aviary, designed to encourage exploration and satisfy their instinct to chew.

Natural and Stimulating

  • Quality Material: Each ladder is crafted from an all-natural vine, ensuring a 100% bird-safe experience.
  • Twist Design: The unique twist design isn't just visually appealing; it offers a variety of surfaces and shapes for tactile exploration.
  • Versatile Use: Easy to hang with your pet's favorite twine, these ladders can be strung up for a personalized play area.

Interactive and Fun

  • Small Rungs: Perfectly sized for bird feet, promoting agility and offering a delightful challenge.
  • Foraging Ready: Break the ladders into pieces to create more foraging opportunities within the cage.

Perfect for All Life Stages

  • Baby Bird Friendly: Great for young avians across all size categories, aiding in their developmental growth.
  • Destructible Joy: Satisfies your bird's natural chewing instincts for a happier, healthier pet.

Eco-Conscious Choice

Bonka Bird Toys is committed to the mental and physical well-being of pet birds, using a diverse selection of stimulating and eco-friendly materials in their designs.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 3 inches of climbable fun
  • Width & Depth: 1 inch – compact and suitable for any space
  • Weight: Approximately 3 ounces – light and easy to maneuver

Embrace your bird's natural behaviors and enhance their environment with the 2515 Small Colored Vine Ladders – an eco-friendly, bird-safe path to avian agility and joy.