2490 Duo Puzzle Play

$17.99 USD

Engage your medium to large-sized feathered friends with the intriguing 2490 Duo Puzzle Play from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy is designed to stimulate both the physical and mental capabilities of your bird, featuring two clear plastic tubes adorned with movable and immovable rings. These rings, designed for pulling and tugging, offer a fun challenge as birds work to remove them from the tubes. Measuring approximately 19 inches in height by 5 inches in width, this toy is substantial in size and comes complete with a quick link attachment for easy placement in your bird's cage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Physically and Mentally Stimulating: Specifically crafted to provide both cognitive challenges and physical activity, encouraging birds to think, pull, and tug as they interact with the movable elements.
  • Attractive Textures and Colors: The mixture of textures and the vibrant colors of the rings captivate your bird's attention, promoting prolonged engagement with the toy.
  • Bird-Safe Construction: Made with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe play environment for your beloved pet.
  • Easy to Hang: Comes equipped with a quick link for straightforward cage placement, making it simple to introduce this new toy to your bird's environment.

The 2490 Duo Puzzle Play is not just a toy but an interactive puzzle that enhances your bird's daily routine by offering a variety of play options. Its durable design and safe construction mean you can feel confident about providing your bird with hours of entertainment.

Incorporate the 2490 Duo Puzzle Play into your bird's toy collection and watch as they delight in the challenge and fun it brings. This toy is a fantastic way to keep your feathered friend engaged, active, and mentally stimulated.