2431 Pk2 2.75" Stuffed Foraging Balls

$4.99 USD

The 2431 Pk2 2.75" Stuffed Foraging Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are classic foot toys pet birds adore! These foot toys are brightly colored and filled with shreddable paper. The pack includes (2) foraging balls with different bright colors. On the front and back of each foraging ball, small round holes expose the stuffed shreddy paper. Your pet will have a ball trying to pull out and grab the shreddy paper inside of the balls. The holes also provide places for your pet to grab onto the balls with their beak and feet. Each ball is very light and lets birds of all ages and abilities pick them up and throw them around their environment. The balls can also be used with cute designs and delightful colors for art and craft projects. You can even use the holes on the balls to string them around the cage and add them to other toys and objects. The 2431 Pk2 2.75" Stuffed Foraging Balls are 100% bird safe shipped in bright assorted bird-pleasing colors and weigh and measure approximately: Diameter: (2.75) inches or (2 3/4) inches, Single ball weight: Under (1) ounce.