2364 Mini Cake

$6.99 USD

Introduce your feathered friend to the ultimate chewing and shredding experience with the 2364 Mini Cake, meticulously crafted by Bonka Bird Toys. This charming, lightweight toy is designed to captivate your small-sized pet bird's attention, enriching their playtime with a variety of textures and materials that encourage natural behaviors.

Highlights of the 2364 Mini Cake:

  • Quick Link Connector: Equipped for easy installation, this toy can be swiftly added to your bird's cage, ensuring they can enjoy their new plaything without delay.
  • Sola Plant Ball: At the heart of the Mini Cake is a ball made from the root of the Sola plant. This all-natural, bird-safe material is perfect for pecking, chewing, and foraging, offering hours of engagement.
  • Shreddable Cupcake Cups: Soft and enticing, the cupcake cups provide an excellent shredding opportunity, fulfilling your bird's instinctual need to tear and explore.
  • Bright and Pleasing Colors: The Mini Cake comes in a variety of assorted colors, all designed to be visually stimulating and attractive to your bird.

Why the 2364 Mini Cake Stands Out:

  • Its small, convenient size makes it easy to fit in most bird cages.
  • The combination of natural wooden beads, colorful straws, and the sola ball offers a mix of textures that will keep your bird intrigued.
  • A metal bell hanging from the bottom adds auditory stimulation to the mix, making playtime even more exciting.
  • Proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and safety for your pet.

Product Specifications:

  • Ideal for small-sized birds.
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Weight: Under 3 ounces
  • 100% Bird Safe

Whether your bird is a seasoned shredder or just beginning to explore their beak's capabilities, the 2364 Mini Cake from Bonka Bird Toys is a must-have addition to their environment. Not only does it provide them with a joyful and stimulating activity, but it also promotes a healthy beak and satisfies their natural urge to forage and destroy.