2296 Pk6 3-Inch Cardboard Cubes

$6.99 USD

The 2296 Pack Six Cardboard 3-Inch Cubes, an innovative toy set designed to satisfy the curious and beak-busy birds of all sizes. Whether your feathered friend is a tiny Cockatiel or a majestic Amazon, these cubes offer a world of exploration, creativity, and comfort.

Perfect Play for Every Bird

Designed with inclusivity in mind, these toys are ideal for birds of any age, including those who are older or may have disabilities. The soft, smooth texture of the cardboard ensures a gentle interaction, making it easy for birds to chew, manipulate, and play without any risk. It's a thoughtful approach to playtime, ensuring every bird can enjoy the fun.

Creative and Versatile Use

The pack includes six 3-inch cardboard cubes, offering a blank canvas for your imagination. Use them as foot-talon toys, integrate them into existing toy setups, or craft an entirely new masterpiece. The straightforward cube shape is easy to handle, providing endless opportunities for your bird to engage in natural behaviors like chewing and manipulating objects.

Enhancing Your Bird's Environment

Easily placed around your pet's cage, these cubes encourage active engagement and mental stimulation. By interacting with these cubes, your bird can enjoy a more enriched, fulfilling environment, combating boredom and promoting overall well-being.

Safe and Sustainable Play

Safety is paramount, and the 2296 Pack Six Cubes are 100% bird-safe, ensuring that your pet's health and happiness come first. Lightweight and easy to handle, with a total weight of approximately 3 ounces, these cubes are as practical as they are fun.