2293 Pk6 Cardboard 3.5-Inch Block Squares

$6.99 USD

Unleash a world of fun and creativity for your feathered friends with the 2293 Pack Six(6) Cardboard 3.5-Inch Squares. Tailored for birds of all sizes, from the nimble Cockatiel to the majestic Amazon, these toys are designed to stimulate both body and mind, catering primarily to those who are older or may have disabilities.

Versatile and Engaging Play

The pack's six square cardboard pieces offer a blank canvas for creative play. The cardboard's soft, smooth texture is easy for your birds to chew and simple for them to manipulate with their feet and nails. Whether used as standalone foot talon toys, integrated into existing toys, or as the foundation for your own unique creations, the possibilities are endless.

Encourages Natural Behaviors

Placing these squares around your pet's cage encourages interaction and exploration, mirroring the natural foraging and problem-solving behaviors seen in the wild. This not only entertains your bird but also promotes mental stimulation and physical activity, crucial for their overall well-being.

Safe and Simple

Each cardboard square measures 3.5 inches in width and height with a thickness of 2 inches, making them the perfect size for a variety of birds. The entire pack is lightweight, weighing in at approximately 2 ounces, and is made from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring that your pet's playtime is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Perfect for DIY Projects

For the crafty bird owner, these cardboard squares are ideal for creating custom bird toys. Whether you're aiming to enhance your bird's cage with new toys or just looking for a fun project, these squares provide a great starting point for your creativity to flourish.