2292 Pk2 Jumbo 8-Inch Cardboard Blocks

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  • The 2292 Pack Two (2) Cardboard 8-Inch Squares from Bonka Bird Toys is a wonderfully simple yet highly versatile set designed to cater to birds of all sizes, from the curious and active to those who are older or may have disabilities. These squares offer an engaging and safe way for birds to satisfy their natural chewing instincts and keep their beaks and talons busy. Made with soft, easy-to-chew cardboard, these toys are gentle yet stimulating, making them an ideal choice for birds who enjoy manipulating their playthings.

    Key Features:

    • Versatile Use: Whether used as foot-talon toys, integrated into larger toy assemblies or as the foundation for creative bird toy-making projects, these cardboard squares offer endless possibilities for play and stimulation.
    • Dimensions: Each square measures approximately 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and is 3 inches thick, providing a substantial size for birds to grip, chew, and explore.
    • Soft and Chewable: The smooth texture of the cardboard is perfect for chewing, helping to keep your bird's beak healthy and engaged. It is also easy to manipulate for birds of any age or physical capability.
    • Bird Safe: Made from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring that your pet can enjoy their playtime without any risk of harm.
    • Ideal for All-Sized Birds: From Cockatiels to Amazons, these squares are a fantastic addition to any bird's cage, encouraging exploration and interaction.

    The 2292 Cardboard 8-Inch Squares are not just toys; they're a pathway to enrichment and creativity for your bird. They encourage natural behaviors such as chewing and foraging, while also offering a straightforward yet effective way to enhance your bird's daily routine with safe and engaging activities.

    Perfect For:

    • Bird owners looking for soft, easy-to-manipulate toys suitable for birds of all sizes and conditions.
    • Creative individuals who enjoy crafting unique toys and experiences for their feathered friends.
    • Birds that benefit from gentle, chewable materials due to age or disability.

    Introducing the 2292 Cardboard 8-Inch Squares into your bird's environment is a simple way to add variety and stimulation, promoting a healthy play environment that can adapt to the needs and preferences of your pet. Whether used on their own or as part of a larger project, these squares are sure to become a valued addition to your bird's collection of toys.