2291 Pk2 Jumbo 9.5-Inch Squares

$9.99 USD

The 2291 Pack Two (2) Jumbo Cardboard, 9.25-Inch Squares from Bonka Bird Toys, are an awesome foot-talon, craft-part bird toy for all-size birds that are curious and beak busy. 2291 is perfect for birds of any age, especially those who are older or have a disability, as the cardboard is soft and the toys are straightforward. The pack includes (2) jumbo square cardboard pieces, the smooth cardboard texture is easy to chew, and the cube shape is easy to manipulate. The two (2) jumbo cardboard squares can be used as foot talon toys or added to existing toys, or better yet, explore your imagination and create a masterpiece. The most common way to use these toys is to place them around your pet's cage and let them interact with them. Each square measures about seven and one half (7.50) inches wide by nine and one quarter (9.25) inches tall with a three (3) inch thickness. 2291 is 100% bird safe and weighs in total approximately 5 ounces. Perfect for size birds from Cockatiels to Amazons and alike.

Excellent foot and talon toys.
Great for bird toy-making projects.
Two jumbo, soft, chew cardboard squares.
100% Bird Safe Material.