2281 11 Inch Basket

$8.99 USD

The 2281 11 inch Basket are versatile toys that can be used for many different things for your pet. The pack comes with three ready to use bamboo basket. The baskets are made with bird safe bamboo. They can easily be chewed on and even carried by your pet. The baskets work great as a dry foot bowl or a holding bowl for anything except liquids. The baskets can be turned upside down to provide obstacles for your pet. The baskets can also be used as a foundation for your pets resting area or even as a base for them to nest in. The baskets are a pleasant muted beige color and go great in any cage or aviary. They are also 100% bird safe.

The 2281 11 inch Basket is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (11 ) inches
Width: ( 7 ) inches
Depth: (3.25) inches
Weight: Under ( 3 ) ounces

One Bamboo Baskets.
Easy to carry, chew and interact with.
Great as a dry food holder or as a nest base.
100% bird safe materials.