2279 Spikey Monkey

$5.99 USD

Introducing the vibrant and engaging 2279 Spikey Monkey from Bonka Bird Toys, a perfect playmate for your small to medium-sized feathered friends. This toy is a delightful blend of color, texture, and sound, designed to captivate and entertain your bird with its simple yet effective design. The Spikey Monkey comes complete with a melodic bell and a quick link for easy cage placement, ensuring that setup is hassle-free and your bird can start enjoying their new toy right away.

Toy Highlights:

  • Colorful and Engaging: The Spikey Monkey features a colorful design that will attract and delight your bird, making it an attractive addition to their environment.
  • Versatile Play: Equipped with a small melodic bell, this toy offers auditory stimulation, adding another layer of fun for your bird.
  • Easy Installation: The inclusion of a quick link allows for easy placement within the cage, providing a secure and stable play area for your pet.
  • Durability: Made to last, this toy is durable and easily maintained, ensuring that your bird will enjoy hours of entertainment.

Perfect Size for Small to Medium Birds

Measuring approximately 5 inches in height by 1 1/2 inches wide and weighing 2 ounces, the Spikey Monkey is ideally sized for small to medium birds. It provides just the right amount of stimulation without being overwhelming, making it a fantastic choice for bird owners looking to enrich their pet's playtime.

100% Bird Safe

Crafted with your bird's safety in mind, the 2279 Spikey Monkey is made from 100% bird-safe materials. This ensures that your feathered friend can chew, play, and explore without any risk, giving you peace of mind.

Transform your bird's cage into a playground of excitement with the 2279 Spikey Monkey from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy not only promotes active engagement and play but also serves as a colorful decoration that brightens up the living space of your cherished feathered companion.