2247 Round Foraging Star Piñata

$15.19 USD $18.99

Unleash the Fun: 2247 Round Foraging Star Piñata - A Colorful Fiesta for Your Bird!

Introducing the 2247 Round Foraging Star Piñata from Bonka Bird Toys - a vibrant and exciting addition to your medium to large bird's play collection. This toy is not just a delight to look at; it's a hub of activity that keeps your bird engaged and happy.

🌟 A Spectrum of Fun: Adorned with bright wooden sticks, tubes, and stars, this toy is a feast for the eyes, attracting your bird's curiosity and encouraging exploration.

🐦 Foraging Adventure: The centerpiece of this toy is a large, shreddable piñata, perfect for birds that love to forage and shred. It provides mental stimulation and satisfies their natural instincts.

🔗 Convenient Cage Placement: Equipped with a quick link, this toy is effortless to attach to any cage, making it accessible and secure for your feathered friend.

🎉 Big, Shreddy, and Irresistible: Measuring 15 inches in height and 5 inches in width, and weighing under 4 ounces, it's the ideal size for birds who love to pull, tug, and tear. This piñata toy is a party in itself!

🌈 Multiple Textures for Beaks and Feet: With a variety of materials like sisal rope, vine, and wood, this toy is perfect for beaks and feet to explore. It helps keep your bird's feet and beak in shape while offering endless entertainment.

💯 100% Bird Safe: Safety is paramount, and this toy is crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring peace of mind while your bird indulges in play.

🤹 Engaging and Stimulating: Whether grabbing, pulling, or shredding, the 2247 Round Foraging Star Piñata keeps your bird's mind and body active, promoting a well-rounded and joyful lifestyle.

Invite a burst of color and excitement into your bird's cage with the 2247 Round Foraging Star Piñata - where every day is a celebration!