2156 Carboard Slat Cluster

$34.99 USD

The 2156 Cardboard Slat Cluster from Bonka Bird Toys is an explosion of chewing materials and shapes for your medium to a large-sized feathered friend! 2156 is overflowing with long strands of chewing fun. The top of the toy has a heavy-duty quick link cage attachment for fast hanging. A small sturdy chain hangs from the attachment and connects to the short-chain links that connect all the parts of the toy. Long braided ropes of natural fiber string through the chewing materials of the bird toy creating its crazy shape. The natural ropes are knotted and between each knot, there are (2) colored rectangular wooden pieces and a rectangular cardboard piece. The 2156 Cardboard Slat Cluster accentuates any cage with its bright colors and space-occupying shape! The bird toy is 100% bird safe.

  • Awesome multiple colored chewing bird toy.
  • Long legs of natural rope, cardboard and wood.
  • Perfect for medium to large sized busy beaks.
  • Weighs under (23) ounces.
  • Measures about (10) inches tall, (11) inches deep and (8) inches wide.