2143 Luffa Step

$12.99 USD

The 2143 Luffa Step from Bonka Bird Toys is a biting, chomping good time for your medium-sized feathered friend! The different colors and stupendous chewing materials are going to look great in any cage that you decide to install it in. The toy can be placed on the ground or hung with its included quick-link attachment. A metal chain hangs down from the attachment and runs through the center of the entire toy. On the bottom, the chain ends with a metal ring looped through it and a metal bell hanging down. The top of the toy has a wooden alphabet block to start the munching party. A natural piece of wood is found next in a slanted rectangle shape. A natural mahogany spoon is next on the chain just below the wood. Both the natural wood and mahogany spoon are chewing delights for your pet's beak. A thick piece of luffa sits below the mahogany spoon. Luffa is an all-natural material that's super soft and is perfect for pet's beak and feet. Going down the toy there's more natural wood, mahogany, and luffa. 2143 weighs about (7) ounces and measures (4) inches wide, (14) inches high and (2) inches deep. 2143 is 100% bird safe.

  • Wonderful chewing delight!
  • Stacked with wood, mahogany and luffa.
  • Looks great with its natural colors.
  • 100% bird safe.