2140 Christmas Shred

$3.99 USD

  • Festive Fun: The 2140 Christmas Shred from Bonka Bird Toys offers (85) cubic inches of red and green shreddy paper, creating a visually enticing and engaging playtime for your pet.
  • Crinkled Texture: Each strip of shred paper has been expertly cut and crinkled, providing an exciting foraging texture that keeps your bird entertained and mentally stimulated.
  • Comfortable Nesting: The soft and flexible form of the Christmas paper ensures your pet's comfort in their huts and nesting areas, making it the perfect cozy retreat.
  • Versatile Usage: Use the 2140 Christmas Shred to refill foraging toys, stuff it in other toys, scatter it around the cage, or even for creative DIY projects, adding endless possibilities to your pet's enrichment.
  • Bird-Safe and Lightweight: This 100% bird-safe product weighs under (4) ounces, guaranteeing safe playtime while keeping your pet physically active and mentally engaged.

2140 Christmas Shred from Bonka Bird Toys - the ultimate Christmas-themed enrichment for your feathered friend! The 2140 Christmas Shred is a festive blend of red and green shreddy paper that instantly captures your bird's attention; this delightful shred paper offers (85) cubic inches of holiday-themed fun! Each strip of this paper has been carefully cut and crinkled to provide an engaging foraging texture. When your pet picks up a strip of the Christmas Shred, it will bounce, creating excitement within their cage. Our Christmas paper isn't just visually appealing; it's also perfect for your pet's huts and nesting areas. Its soft and flexible form ensures your pet's comfort as they relax on it. But the versatility of the 2140 Christmas Shred doesn't end there. The paper strips are small enough to be easily tucked into other toys, scattered around the cage, or used for creative DIY projects. This product is perfect for refilling foraging toys and stimulates your pet's natural instincts, keeping them engaged and entertained. Crafted with your pet's safety in mind, the 2140 Christmas Shred is 100% bird-safe, weighing under (4) ounces, ensuring hours of fun without any harm. Make this holiday season memorable for your feathered companion with the 2140 Christmas Shred from Bonka Bird Toys. Bring the joy of Christmas into their cage today!