2122 Ringer Bucket

$18.99 USD



The 2122 Ringer Bucket from Bonka Bird Toys is a visually appealing and durable bird toy perfect for small to medium-sized feathered friends. The colorful plastic shapes and reflective surfaces of the toy are sure to attract your pet bird's attention and keep them entertained. With the included quick link attachment, hanging the toy in any cage is quick and easy. The toy features a chain that runs through the center of the entire toy and ends with a metal ring and small cowbell. The three metal cups hanging from the chain are each decorated with a colorful plastic ring, and inside each cup is a metal ring with a cowbell. This interactive bird toy is designed to create lots of colors and noise during playtime, ensuring that your pet stays happy and engaged.


  • Eye-pleasing and colorful design to attract birds
  • Includes multiple reflective surfaces, cups, colorful plastic shapes, and cowbells to keep your pet entertained
  • Comes with a quick link attachment for easy hanging in any birdcage
  • Made from 100% bird-safe materials to ensure your pet's safety
  • Available in assorted bright colors, and measures approximately 11 inches in height and 2.25 inches in width