2118 Woven Palm 2"Foraging Box Bird Toy

$3.99 USD

2118 2 Inch Palm Gift Box is a multi-use fun simple toy for you and your birdy buddy! 2118 has an approximately 2-inch height, width, and depth. 2118 is simple in its design with its bottom and top piece. Each piece has long sides that keep the box together when it is put together. With its natural woven fibers, the box looks great in your pet's cage, a desk, table, or anywhere else it can be used! The base and top of the box have small pieces of bamboo laced through to reinforce the shape. As seen, the box can have different materials placed inside such as colorful shreddy paper. Your pet will love to chew and explore the box and anything else you place inside of it. 2118 is made with 100% bird-safe materials.

Great natural 2-inch palm box.
Simple and classic look.
Can be used in a variety of ways.
100% bird safe.