2113 Pk12 Chew Bagel 2.75 Inch

$9.99 USD

The 2113 Pk12 Chew Bagel 2.75 Inch from Bonka Bird Toys are excellent chewable foot toys that your feathered friend will love. This bird foot toy includes (12) 2.75-inch chew bagels in the pack. Each bagel is made with layers of compressed cardboard, and they all have a great brightly colored outside the ring. The many layers of cardboard make for lots of fun as your pet pulls them apart, chews them to pieces and investigates each bagel. The bagel's simple ring shape allows you to add them to any cage environment easily. The bagel shape makes for tons of fun possibilities with your pet. They can be quickly hung with your pet's favorite string or twine. They can be added to different cage parts, making for unique decorations! They can even be added to other toys adding more chewy fun. The bagels can even be cut up and used for extra foraging material. With (12) bagels in the pack, you'll be able to explore all the different possibilities you come up with.

The 2113 pk12 2.75 Inch Chew Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird safe and weigh and measure approximately:
Height: ( 2.75) inches
Width: ( 2.75 ) inches
Depth: ( 0.5 ) inches
Weight: Under (8 ) ounces

  • It comes with 12 chew bagels 2.75 inches.
  • Brightly colored and very eye-pleasing.
  • Easy and fun to chew and shred.
  • 100% bird safe.