2084 pk12 Wood Squares

$5.99 USD

The 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful and super accessible bird foot toys. These colorful chewable wood pieces are great in tons of different applications in and out of the aviary. The pack includes (12) ready to play with wooden squares that each have a drilled hole in their center. The squares come in bright bird pleasing assorted colors and are 100% bird safe. The squares are made from all natural wood that feels great to break in beaks and to pickup and manipulate with feet. With the drilled hole in the center you'll be able to string the squares up around the cage and hang them from other items. Perfect as extra chewing and foraging material to fill larger toys too! The squares are so bright and delightful they can even be used for other art and craft applications.

The 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares is 100% bird safe and ship in bright assorted bird pleasing colors & weigh & measure approximately:

Length: (2) inches

Width: (1.37) or (1 3/8) inches

Depth: (0.25) or (1/4) inches

Single wood piece weight: Under (0.2) ounces

  • Chewy & colorful wood foot toys.
  • Includes (12) wood pieces.
  • Bright colors & convenient drilled hole.
  • 100% bird safe.