2074 pk12 Plastic Flowers

$3.99 USD $4.99

The 2074 pk12 Plastic Flowers are beautiful and cheery foot toys to brighten your feathered friends day. There are twelve flowers in each pack and are ready to be played. The flowers are all brightly colored and are sure to catch your pet's attention. Each flower has six petals which have angled cuts and grooves making it easy for your pet to pick up and manipulate them. The middle of the flowers has an opening which can be used to hang them on a piece of twine or rope, or added to other toys. The flowers can be hung on another toy or added to a toy giving your pet a new way to forage and play. The flowers are made with 100% bird safe materials. Each flower measures about 1.75 inches wide and has a .25 inch thickness.

  • Comes with 12 brightly colored plastic flowers.
  • Can be used as foot toys or added other other toys.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.