2072 Pk6 Large Triangles Foot Talon Craft Part Bird Toys

$4.99 USD

The 2072 Pk6 Large Triangles are classic foot and chew toys for your medium to a large-sized feathered friend. The triangles are made of natural wood and brightly colored using USDA bird safe food dye. The triangles all have the same measurements with an about 5.5-inch length, 2-inch height and 2/3 inch depth. The triangles each have a small hole drilled in the corner letting you use it in many different ways. As the look great with their bright colors and classic shape, they can easily be set up around the cage as regular foot toys. They can also be hung on rope or twine through their drilled hole. When hanging the triangles easily move about with very little effort, making a very exciting experience for your pet bird. They can even be added to other toys to give them more texture. 2072 is 100% bird safe.

  • Includes 6 brightly colored wooden triangles.
  • Get colors and fun to chew on.
  • Has a hole drilled for easy hanging.
  • 100% bird safe.