2055 2pk Coconut Cup Flat Base


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Looking to add great coconut textures to your birds cage or aviary? The 2055 2pk Coconut Cup Flat Base has exactly what you need! The 2055 has two natural half coconut shells. The bases of each coconut has been sanded in one spot creating a flat surface. This allows each cup to stand on its own when placed on a level surface. If used as feeder cups its recommended only to use dry food in the cup. The cup should also be stabilized with other material so that your pet doesn't spill it over when using it as a feed cup. The cups can be used in many different ways though. If turned over, they add great rough textures for your pet to walk on and explore. As they are totally natural the surface on each cup will has a slightly different natural texture. The cups measure approximately 4 inches wide by 2 inches high with a depth of 4 inches, but keep in mind as they are natural this will vary slightly from cup to cup. The cups are 100% bird safe.

  • Includes two natural flat base coconut cups.
  • A great bird toy with multiple uses.
  • Fun natural texture to entice your pets beak and feet.
  • 100% bird safe material.