2048 pk3 Cardboard Shred Mat

$6.99 USD

The 2048 pk3 Cardboard Shred Mat can be used in a variety of different ways for your pet birds entertainment and well being. 2048 are made with soft cardboard that is easy for any size foot or beak to grab, pull, rip and play with. The mats have cuts in them that create lots of easy to grab strip pieces. The mats can cover a large area of your pet's cage as they measure 13 inches wide by 12 inches tall. 2048 can also be folded to fit whatever area you would like to place it in, or even cut up into small pieces. When cut up they can be used to decorate your pets aviary or even other toys. If cut up into small enough pieces you can even use them to fill other toys that have spaces for foraging material. As with all toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the mats are made with 100% bird safe materials.

  • Includes three large perforated cardboard mats.
  • Great soft shredding material.
  • Can be used as they are or cut up and combined with other toys and items.
  • Made with 100% bird safe material.