2037 Cosmic Star

$18.99 USD

The 2037 Cosmic Star is an excellent creatively shaped bird toy for your small to a medium-sized pet bird. 2037 has a sturdy quick link attachment for easy cage placement. The quick link attachment will hold up to the strongest pulls and is made to last through hours of play. There is a sturdy chain from the quick link attachment that passes through a hole in the middle of the funky shaped colored wooden star. At the bottom of this chain, there is a common plastic star, a sturdy metal ring and then two stainless steel measuring cups. On the other side of the star there is a horizontal drilled hole with another strong chain threaded through. On either side of this chain, there are two more medium colored plastic stars. Below these stars there are two more sturdy metal rings and two more stainless steel measuring cups. As the chains go through 2037, and pulling, playing or interaction with the toy will cause lots of movement, great noises and plenty of excitement for your feathered friend. The 2037 Cosmic Star is made with 100% bird safe materials. The toy weighs about 7 ounces and has a 10 inch length with an approximately 4-inch width and depth.

  • Lots of different materials to play with.
  • Easy to mount in all cages.
  • Creates lots of exciting movement and noise.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.