2009 Seagrass Bundle 3 Pack

$3.99 USD

The 2009 Sea-grass Bundle 3 Pack is a fun, durable toy that your pet will love to interact with.The 2009 Sea-grass Bundle comes with 3 tightly bound, 4 inch long sea-grass sticks. Each of the sticks have many, many individual pieces of sea-grass. All of these pieces are held together tightly with a bird safe piece of twisted rope. The sea-grass bundles are bound tight, but they do have enough play to allow your pet to chew and pull the pieces apart. Each of the sticks are about 1 inch wide, giving your bird lots of sea-grass to chew, rip and enjoy The sticks are very light at 4 ounces each and can be easily picked up and carried. The bundles also can roll around and be thrown, providing lots of fun play time for your pet. The bundles are 100% bird safe and have a great natural feel.

  • 3 tightly bound sea-grass bundles
  • 100% bird safe material
  • Fun to chew apart and shred
  • 4" long x 1" wide