1958 Large Platform Swing

$29.99 USD

1958 Large Platform Swing: A Vibrant Haven for Your Feathered Friends

Elevate your bird's playtime with the 1958 Large Platform Swing by Bonka Bird Toys, an essential addition to any bird cage that doubles as a captivating central play station. Designed with the joy and safety of your feathered friends in mind, this large-sized platform swing is not just a toy but a vibrant hub for endless entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Comes equipped with a heavy-duty quick link connector, ensuring fast and secure hanging in the aviary.
  • Durable and Colorful Design: Features four colorful plastic chains suspended from a sturdy metal ring, each linking to a large seagrass mat via colorful plastic chain links with slide-covered openings.
  • Interactive Elements: At the heart of the swing, a metal ring dangles from the center link of each plastic chain, looped through a colorful acrylic translucent ring, adding a layer of visual appeal and interaction.
  • Added Fun: A small link of colorful chain and a plastic ball filled with shreddy paper hang in the top middle, inviting curious beaks for exploration and play.
  • Natural Seagrass Mat: The swing's platform, made from natural seagrass, offers a fun texture for birds to grab, bite, and climb, enhancing their physical activity and well-being.
  • Customizable: The mat's design, punctuated with numerous holes, allows for easy attachment of additional toys or treats, making it a versatile play area that can be tailored to your bird's preferences.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height: 13 inches | Width: 14 inches | Seagrass Mat: 14" x 14"
  • Weight: Under 10 ounces
  • Color: Ships in assorted, bird-pleasing colors
  • Safety: 100% bird safe, ensuring peace of mind for pet owners.

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Stimulates Mental and Physical Activity: Keeps birds engaged and active, reducing boredom and promoting healthy exercise.
  • Encourages Natural Behaviors: The seagrass mat and shreddy paper elements encourage natural foraging and nibbling instincts.
  • Brightens the Cage: Adds a splash of color and variety to your bird's environment, making it more stimulating and enjoyable.

Perfect for bird owners looking to enrich their pet's living space with a blend of fun, functionality, and safety, the 1958 Large Platform Swing is a must-have accessory that promises hours of entertainment for your avian companion.