1925 Heart Cake

$7.99 USD


The 1925H Heart Cake from Bonka Bird Toys is an enchanting addition to your bird's cage, designed with love and care for small to medium-sized birds. This charming toy, available in multicolored, pink, and checkered designs, is a plaything and a decorative piece that brings warmth and joy to any aviary.

Features and Benefits

Enriching Design:

  • Natural Sola Plant Ball: At the core of this toy is a large, crushable ball made from the root of the Sola plant, offering a safe and satisfying chew experience for your pet. It's perfect for biting, foraging, and overall engagement.
  • Soft and Shreddable Cupcake Cups: Wrapped in a pair of super soft cupcake cups with a heart-themed design, it provides an easy and fun shredding activity that birds adore, ideal for celebrating Valentine's Day or adding a touch of romance to their daily play.
  • Interactive Elements: The toy is adorned with natural wood beads and a colorful plastic straw on a durable metal wire, topped off with a metal bell for auditory stimulation, making every interaction a delightful experience.

Thoughtful Design:

  • Quick Link Connector: Ensures easy and secure attachment to your bird's cage, allowing for immediate enjoyment without hassle.
  • Lightweight and Safe: Weighing between 1-2 ounces and standing at 7 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, it's the perfect size for most bird cages and is made with 100% bird-safe materials.

A Toy That Speaks From the Heart

The 1925H Heart Cake is more than just a bird toy; it's a statement of love and care for your feathered friend. Its heart-themed design is perfect for special occasions or simply as a constant reminder of affection in your bird's life. Crafted with safety and fun in mind, it's an ideal choice for pet owners who want to keep their birds happy, engaged, and in high spirits.