1915 Tini Flora

$5.99 USD

  • Transform your bird's cage into a vibrant playground with the 1915 Tini Flora from Bonka Bird Toys. Specifically designed for small birds, this compact toy packs a big punch of fun, offering a variety of activities including climbing, pulling, chewing, and swinging. Your beloved pet will be enamored with the explosion of colors and engaging features this toy brings.

    Key Features:

    • Compact Size: Measuring approximately 4 inches high by 1 inch wide, the Tini Flora is the perfect size for small bird cages, ensuring that even the smallest of aviaries can enjoy a big adventure.
    • Colorful Design: With small lettered wooden blocks separated by colorful plastic petals, this toy not only entertains but also brightens up your bird's living space.
    • Interactive Play: The inclusion of a small bell at the bottom adds auditory stimulation to the mix, encouraging your bird to explore and interact with their new favorite toy.
    • Easy Installation: Equipped with a sturdy link chain and a quick link attachment, the Tini Flora can be easily placed in any desired location within the cage.

    Benefits for Your Bird:

    • Encourages physical activity and mental stimulation, promoting overall well-being.
    • Offers a variety of textures and materials to explore, satisfying natural chewing instincts.
    • Provides a multi-functional playground that captivates your bird's interest and prevents boredom.

    The 1915 Tini Flora is not just a toy; it's a comprehensive play solution made with all bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet's safety while they indulge in endless fun. Give your feathered friend the gift of joy and entertainment with this mini but mighty playground.