1914 Basket Swing

$11.99 USD

  • 1914 Basket Swing from Bonka Bird Toys. This delightful swing combines the rustic charm of bamboo with the vibrant allure of colorful accessories, making it a perfect addition to any small-sized cage. Designed with your bird's safety and entertainment in mind, this 100% bird-safe swing is not only a visually appealing accessory but also a stimulating toy that encourages natural chewing, foraging, and play behaviors.

    Features & Benefits

    • Natural Bamboo Basket: The heart of this toy is a chewable basket made from all-natural bamboo, offering your bird a perfect spot for sitting, chewing, or shredding. The bamboo's natural color enhances the aesthetic of the aviary while providing a safe material for your bird to interact with.
    • Colorful Plastic Chains: Suspended by three small, brightly colored plastic chains, this swing is designed to catch your bird's eye and stimulate their interest. The assorted bird-pleasing colors of the chains add a vibrant touch to your bird's environment.
    • Translucent Acrylic Rings: Dangling from sturdy metal rings that connect the plastic chains to the basket, these colorful translucent acrylic rings offer additional visual and tactile stimulation, making the swing an even more enticing place for your bird to spend their time.
    • Versatile & Interactive: Beyond its primary function as a swing, the basket serves as an ideal spot for adding shredding and foraging materials. The sturdy metal rings also provide an easy way to hang other items, enhancing the toy's interactive potential.
    • Easy Installation: Equipped with a quick link connector, this swing can be fast and effortlessly hung in your bird's cage, ensuring a secure and stable play area.

    Perfect For

    • Small-sized birds looking for a fun and engaging place to play, chew, and forage.
    • Bird owners seeking a colorful, safe, and multifunctional toy to brighten up their pet's cage.
    • Enhancing smaller sized cages with a compact yet entertaining accessory.

    The 1914 Basket Swing is more than just a swing; it's a versatile play station that offers endless opportunities for fun and natural bird behaviors. Its compact size, combined with its lightweight design, ensures that it fits easily into most small bird cages without overcrowding the space. Give your feathered friend the gift of joy, color, and playful engagement with this beautifully designed bamboo swing.