1886 Disk Sneaker

$11.19 USD $13.99

The 1886 Disk Sneaker from Bonka Bird Toys is another great multi-use bird toy for your medium-sized feathered friend. A large colored plastic disk is adorned with colorful acrylic rings, beads, and dice. Hanging this bird toy in any cage is very easy with the included quick link connector right at the top of the toy. A small link chain hangs down which hangs the plastic disk. Colorful plastic beads and dice adorn the chain. It is finished on the underside with four fun colorful foraging sneakers that also have colorful rings hanging with them. Your pet will surely have a blast hanging out on this toy. The 1886 Disk Sneaker is 100% bird safe.
  • A VISUAL TREAT - An awesome array of color will entice their visual senses.
  • ALLEVIATES CAGE BOREDOM - The will love to chew, climb, hang, perch and play with this toy.
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - The colorful plastic construction is easily maintained.
  • WEIGHS - under (8) ounces.
  • MEASURES - about (10) inches tall with a (4) inch depth.