1883 Large Plastic C Links 12-Pack


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The 1883 Pk12 Large Plastic C Links from Bonka Bird Toys are useful and versatile big colorful plastic C links that your feathered friend will love! This easy to use c links can be used in all different manners from foot toys to hanging toys to even being used in art and craft projects! Each pack includes (12) colorful C links that are ready to be played with right away. The links are all of the basic C shape but they are all of assorted styling in the pack. Each of the different link stylings will be great fun for your pet to checkout with their beak and feet. These links are particularly fun for beaks as feeling all of the different smooth shapes and surfaces is super interesting. The C links are very easy to grab with their straightforward design and lightweight. The C links are made with durable plastic and will last through many play sessions. You'll be able to hang the links on different parts of the cage, adorn other toys with them and even use them as larger hanging hooks. The links are so well made and delightful that you can even use them for art and craft projects.

The 1883 Pk12 Large Plastic C Links are 100% bird safe come in assorted colors and stylesandeach individual link weighs and measures approximately:

Width: (1.93) inches or (1 15/16) inches

Length: (2.56) inches or (2 9/16) inches

Thickness: (0.25) inch or (1/4) inch

Weight: Under (1) ounce