1846 Pluck My Bobbins

$16.99 USD

The 1846 Pluck My Bobbins from Bonka Bird Toys is a chewable and shreddable assorted bird toy! This excellent toy has lots of knots of sisal rope and plenty of colorful bird safe wood to keep your pet happy. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector included for fast hanging in the bird cage. A metal ring hangs from the connector that has the small sturdy link chain hanging from it. This link chain passes through the center of the entire toy ending with a sturdy metal ring that loops through a metal bell. This bell makes great bird pleasing noises whenever your pet interacts with the toy. Adorning the sturdy link chain are all of the great beak and feet pleasing items. On the chain itself your pet will find many assorted colorful plastic beads and assorted colorful wooden bobbins. The plastic beads have smooth surfaces and are interesting for pet birds while the bobbins make for perfect chewing items. Passing through the bobbins from side to side are many lengths of all natural sisal rope. This rope is bird safe and a superb material to bite and chew. At the end of each length of sisal are more plastic beads and wooden chew pieces. These can move freely on the sisal lengths and are great fun to manipulate.
The 1846 Pluck My Bobbins is 100% bird safe ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:
Height: (21) inches
Width: (10) inches
Depth: (3) inches
Weight: Under (11) ounces
  • Colorful & chewable bird toy.
  • Lots of natural sisal rope lengths.
  • Fun & interesting plastic beads and wooden chews.
  • 100% bird safe.