1811 Double Pyramid

$32.99 USD

Engage Your Feathered Friend with the 1811 Double Pyramid Bird Toy

Transform your bird's playtime into an endless adventure with the 1811 Double Pyramid from Bonka Bird Toys. This vibrant and engaging chew toy is designed to captivate your feathered friend's senses and cater to their natural chewing instincts. With its striking array of colorful wooden blocks, it's not just a toy; it's a statement piece for any aviary.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic Design: The 1811 Double Pyramid stands tall at 20 inches, with a width of 6.25 inches and a depth of 0.81 inches. It's the perfect size for birds to explore and interact with.
  • Colorful Chew Blocks: Filled with numerous bird-safe wooden chew slats, this toy offers endless chewing satisfaction, helping to keep your bird's beak healthy and entertained.
  • Interactive Play: The slats are cleverly strung on a durable metal chain that runs through the toy's center, ending in a metal ring for additional play options. Your pet can pull, tug, and rearrange the slats, ensuring the toy remains intriguing.
  • Easy Customization: Thanks to its flexible design, you can easily manipulate the toy into new shapes, keeping your bird's environment fresh and stimulating.
  • Safe & Durable: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, the 1811 Double Pyramid is built to last, providing your bird with hours of safe and satisfying play.

Why Choose the 1811 Double Pyramid?

Not only does this toy offer a visual feast for both you and your bird, but it also promotes healthy play habits. The heavy-duty quick link connector ensures fast and secure hanging, making it easy to integrate into your bird's space. Whether your bird is pulling on the bottom ring or nibbling on the vibrant slats, this toy is guaranteed to provide physical and mental stimulation.

Perfect for Avian Enthusiasts

If you're looking to enrich your bird's life with a toy that combines fun, function, and safety, the 1811 Double Pyramid is the ideal choice. Its robust construction and thoughtful design make it a must-have for any bird owner looking to enhance their pet's playtime.