1791 Paper Puff Small Bird Toy

$5.99 USD


Delight Your Feathered Pal with 1791 Paper Puff:

  • Engaging Foraging Experience: Designed to captivate and challenge your bird’s natural foraging instincts.
  • Ideal for Small to Medium Birds: A perfect size for them to explore and enjoy.

Key Features for Endless Fun:

  • Colorful Scalloped Paper Ball: Offers numerous openings for exploration and discovery.
  • Vibrant and Attractive: Brightens up the cage and draws your bird's attention.

Product Dimensions for Perfect Fit:

  • Height: About 7 inches.
  • Width: Approximately 4 inches.
  • Varied Colors: May arrive in different colors, adding a surprise element to your purchase.

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Stimulates Mental Activity: Keeps your bird mentally engaged with foraging challenges.
  • Enhances Cage Life: Adds a pop of color and a new play area in the cage.
  • Safe and Enjoyable: Made with all bird-safe materials for your peace of mind.

Easy Installation and Safety:

  • Quick Link Connector: Ensures easy and secure placement in the cage.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Made with non-toxic materials for the utmost safety of your pet.

Why Choose 1791 Paper Puff:

  • Interactive and Fun: A great way to keep your bird busy and entertained.
  • Durable and Cost-Effective: Offers long-lasting fun without breaking the bank.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of small to medium-sized bird breeds.