Bonka Bird Toys 1752 Double Disc - Colorful and Durable Bird Toy for Small to Medium Birds with Beads and Bell

$5.99 USD

Brighten Your Bird's Day with Bonka Bird Toys 1752 Double Disc

A Colorful Delight for Feathered Friends

Introduce a burst of color and fun to your bird's cage with the Bonka Bird Toys 1752 Double Disc. This vibrant toy is specially designed for small to medium-sized birds, offering a playful and stimulating experience. Its eye-catching design and colorful elements are sure to entice your feathered friend into hours of exploration and play.

Toy Features

  • Colorful Plastic Discs: Two vividly colored discs serve as the focal point of this delightful toy.
  • Acrylic Beads and Straws: Adorned with colorful beads and tied plastic straws, adding to the visual appeal and fun.
  • Medium-Sized Bell: A perfectly sized bell for auditory stimulation, adding a pleasant sound to the playful experience.
  • Diverse Colors: Available in various color combinations, adding a surprise element to each toy.

Product Specifications

  • Height: Approximately 7 inches
  • Width: Approximately 3 inches
  • Materials: Made with all bird-safe materials
  • Attachment: Includes a quick link for effortless cage placement

Benefits for Your Bird

  • Encourages Play: Keeps your bird engaged and entertained, reducing boredom.
  • Stimulates Senses: The combination of colors, textures, and sounds stimulates your bird's senses.
  • Safe for Birds: Constructed with bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe play environment.

Perfect For

  • Bird owners seeking a durable and long-lasting toy for their pets.
  • Small to medium birds that enjoy colorful and interactive toys.
  • Adding a vibrant and playful accessory to any bird cage.

Invite a world of color and fun into your bird's life with the Bonka Bird Toys 1752 Double Disc. It's more than just a toy; it's a source of joy and entertainment for your feathered companion.