1735 Foraging Wiggy ON SALE

$6.74 USD $8.99

The 1735 Foraging Wiggy from Bonka Bird Toys is the perfect toy for those small to medium-sized feathered friends with busy beaks. This bird toy is made with all natural materials. A quick link attachment is at the top of the toy for fast cage hanging. The vine ball in the middle of the bird toy makes for a complex foraging area that is a fun challenge. Toys like this are ideal for overactive birds who need complex activities. A colored vine ball is adorned with shredded paper and two cardboard platforms, all of which is lovely to chew on. This is a great toy for foraging fun that won't break the bank. The 1735 Foraging Wiggy is 100% bird safe. The vine ball does come in assorted colors, all of them bird pleasing and awesome!
  • Birds naturally forage for food by tearing up bark and pecking holes in wood.
  • The will love to chew, climb, shred, perch and play with this toy.
  • No harmful substances giving you peace of mind when it comes to playtime.
  • Easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.
  • Weighs under (4) ounces.
  • Measures about (8) inches tall, (6) inches wide and (4) inches deep.

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