1721 Round Basket

$12.99 USD



The 1721 Round Basket from Bonka Bird Toys is a blast of shredding materials and colors for your medium sized feathered friend! The wonderful combination of colors and textures are sure to please your beaked buddy. The 1721 easily installs in any cage with its quick link attachment. Coming down from this link is a small sturdy chain that connects to the middle of the toy. The centerpiece of the 1721 is a colored bamboo circular basket. This basket has been stuffed with multicolored shredding paper. Your pet will love to chew on the basket and work to pull out all of the shreddy paper stuffed inside. On both sides of the round basket are (3) colorful finger traps. There are also (2) bundles of multicolored shreddy paper bundles on either side of the finger traps. Almost everything on this toy can be chewed and shredded apart, providing your pet with hours of entertainment! The 1721 Round Basket measures about (8) inches tall, (7) inches wide and (1 1/2) inches deep. The 1721 is 100% bird safe.


  • An awesome shredding and foraging toy.
  • Looks spectacular in any cage.
  • Easy to shred and chew on materials.
  • 100% bird safe.

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