1669 Wood Monster Junior

$59.99 USD

The Bonka Bird Toys 1669 Wood Monster Junior sounds like an excellent toy for medium to large-sized birds, particularly those that enjoy chewing and have active beaks. This toy is well-suited for birds with strong chewing instincts and needs mental and physical stimulation to keep them engaged and happy. It provides a colorful and textured environment for your feathered friend to explore, which can help prevent boredom and encourage natural behaviors. Before introducing any new toy to your bird's cage, always ensure it's safe and monitor your bird's interaction to ensure no hazards. Rotating toys periodically to keep your bird's environment interesting and stimulating is also a good idea.

  • Size: This toy measures approximately 26 inches high by 9 inches wide, making it a substantial and visually engaging addition to your bird's habitat.
  • Materials: The toy is constructed from various brightly colored, chewable wooden blocks and dragon wood pieces. These materials provide a variety of textures and surfaces for your bird to explore and chew on.
  • Sisal: The wooden blocks and dragon wood pieces are strung together with sisal. Sisal is a natural fiber that birds enjoy playing with and chewing on.
  • Heavy-Duty Quick Link: The toy comes with a heavy-duty quick link for hanging purposes, ensuring secure attachment to your bird's cage.
  • Bird Safe Materials: Bonka Bird Toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure pet birds' mental and physical well-being.