1604 Pansy

$7.64 USD $8.99

Introduce a world of vibrant play and exploration to your beloved Conures, Pionus, or Ringneck Parrots with the Bonka Bird Toys 1604 Pansey Bird Toy. Measuring 12 inches high by 2 inches wide, this delightful and engaging toy is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your feathered companion. Give your medium-sized feathered friends the gift of visual and tactile entertainment with the Bonka Bird Toys 1604 Pansey Bird Toy. Watch as your feathered friend explores the colorful vine balls, enjoys the palm leaf disc, and interacts with the medium bell. This engaging toy is a fantastic addition to your bird's habitat, providing both mental and physical enrichment. Bring a burst of color and excitement to your bird's life today with this high-quality and bird-safe toy.

  • Colorful Vine Balls: The Bonka Bird Toys 1604 Pansey Bird Toy features a cluster of colorful vine balls perfect for birds that love to chew, shred, and explore. Your bird will be captivated by the variety of bright colors and engaging textures.
  • Palm Leaf Disc: An exotic palm leaf disc adds an extra layer of tactile stimulation to this toy. Birds enjoy grasping and manipulating palm leaves, making them ideal for mental and physical engagement.
  • Medium Bell: A medium-sized bell is incorporated into this toy, creating a pleasing jingle that captures your bird's auditory senses. The gentle sound is not only entertaining but also encourages interactive play.
  • Safe Materials: The Bonka Bird Toys 1604 Pansey Bird Toy is constructed with non-toxic, bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet's safety during playtime.
  • Promotes Physical Activity: Birds need physical activity to stay healthy and happy. This toy encourages climbing, swinging, and pecking, providing essential physical stimulation.