1592 pk12 Bubble Star


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The 1592 pk12 Bubble Star from Bonka Bird Toys is a great assortment of fun stars for your bird's enjoyment. The bubble stars are brightly colored delightful foot toys that are easy for pet birds of all ages to play with. The 1592 pk12 Bubble Star includes (12) bubble stars per pack. Each star has (6) bubbles that jut out from the center circle. In the middle of each star is a round opening letting you easily string the stars up with your pet's favorite twine or string. When the bubble stars are hanging up, they are super easy to spin around and move all over. The bubbles that jut out on each star have round bulbs at the end of each, also making for perfect places to string up the bubble stars. With their neat design, you can decorate different parts of the cage or even upgrade other toys! The bright colors are very bird enticing and will brighten up any environment. The stars are made so well that they can even be used for traditional art and craft projects. The 1592 pk12 Bubble Star weighs under (3) ounces and is 100% bird safe. Each star measures about (1.25) inches wide with a (0.30) inch depth.

  • Twelve brightly colored bubble stars.
  • Easy for feet and beaks to pick up and play with.
  • Can be strung up and added to other toys.
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials.