1564 Crazy Puzzle

$18.99 USD

Introducing the 1564 Crazy Puzzle – An Avian Adventure Awaits!

A Cornucopia of Fun for Energetic Birds

Unlock the door to boundless entertainment with the 1564 Crazy Puzzle from Bonka Bird Toys. This action-packed toy is a treasure trove of fun, designed to provide your pet with endless hours of enjoyment. The Crazy Puzzle is a sturdy and dynamic plaything that effortlessly mounts to the top of most cages, offering a dependable and safe haven for play.

Engaging From Top to Bottom

Starting with a robust quick link attachment and a small chain that dives through the heart of the puzzle, the intrigue begins. Two medium-sized, brightly colored plastic beads grace the top, followed by knotted ropes adorned with clear plastic pacifiers or stars, igniting a play of textures and shapes. These elements are designed to withstand beak exploration and encourage interaction.

Middle Mastery and Bottom Bliss

At the toy's midsection, two more beads await to continue the sensory journey. The central spectacle is the twin medium wooden squares, bound together with four colorful wooden shafts. Adorning these shafts, your bird will discover plastic circles and squares, creating a symphony of shapes to tap into their curiosity. Draped alongside are playful plastic chains that add to the toy's dynamic motion.

The Finale: A Chorus of Chimes

Crowning the bottom is a frayed rope, a tactile delight leading to the grand finale - a cheerful metal bell. Its gentle ring serves as a reward for your bird's playtime prowess, signaling the joy of each interaction.

Key Features of the 1564 Crazy Puzzle:

  • A variety of materials for tactile exploration
  • Creates captivating movement to keep your bird intrigued
  • An eye-catching array of vibrant colors to brighten their habitat
  • Committed to safety with 100% bird-safe materials

The 1564 Crazy Puzzle isn't just a toy; it's a celebration of play for medium to large birds with energy to spare. Give your bird the gift of stimulation, interaction, and auditory delights, all wrapped in a safe and exciting package.