1555 Medium Fluff - Colorful, Cozy Bird Snuggle Toy | Bird Safe & Durable | Bonka Bird Toys

$9.99 USD

Introducing the 1555 Medium Fluff from Bonka Bird Toys - a haven of softness and vibrant colors designed to provide your bird with the ultimate snuggle and play experience. This medium-sized fluffy toy, adorned with an array of colorful fleece strips, invites your avian companion to cuddle, pull, and explore, making every moment enjoyable.

Features of the 1555 Medium Fluff:

  • Cozy Snuggle Companion: Soft, vibrant fleece strips for a comforting snuggle and playful experience.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with a quick link connector for hassle-free hanging in cages or aviaries.
  • Durable Design: A sturdy metal wire ensures the toy's longevity, offering long-lasting fun.
  • Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, providing peace of mind for pet owners.
  • Visually Stimulating: Bright, engaging colors captivate your bird, keeping them entertained.
  • Perfect Size for Medium Birds: Ideal dimensions of approximately 9 inches in height and 3 inches in width, and weighing under 3 ounces, making it perfectly suited for medium-sized birds.

Care Instructions:
Maintaining the 1555 Medium Fluff is simple. Follow our easy cleaning instructions to ensure the toy remains fresh and hygienic for your bird's enjoyment.

Is the 1555 Medium Fluff Right for Your Bird?
Designed with medium birds in mind, this toy offers the perfect balance of comfort and play. For pets of other sizes, we invite you to explore our extensive range of toys and accessories tailored to meet their unique needs.

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