1536 Charm Necklace

$13.99 USD

The 1536 Charm Necklace is a beautiful toy to excite your small pet bird. 1536 has a sturdy quick link attachment, making it easy to install in any cage, aviary, or bird setup. The main necklace of 1536 is a bird-safe white plastic link chain with many other items connected. When looking from the quick link attachment down the necklace, you'll find a colored plastic ring with three smaller chains hanging from it. The next item on the necklace is a small plastic bead and another plastic ring with a fun person-shaped colored plastic toy attached to it. Next is a metal ring with a wooden colored heart hanging from it, and another metal ring with a small colored charm hanging. After this are three more colored plastic beads; in the middle of the necklace is a clear plastic pacifier. On the other side of the chain, you'll find the same set of assorted items making the 1536 Charm Necklace packed with fun and excitement! As the chain is light and approximately 26 inches long, any pulling or interaction with the toy will cause lots of movement and give your bird tons of fun. As with all toys from Bonka Bird Toys, 1536 is made with 100% bird-safe materials.
  • Approximately 26 inches long, 1/4" wide, with varying-sized items attached.
  • Tons of different colors and materials.
  • Easy to hang and install in any fashion.
  • It is made with 100% bird-safe materials.