PK3 Colored and Crazy Vine 2-Inch Balls

$5.09 USD $5.99

The Pk3 Colored and Crazy Vine Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful and natural foot toys perfect for providing birds with chewing foraging fun. These naturally brightly colored, woven vine balls stand out in the aviary wherever they are placed. Each pack includes (3) natural colorful vine balls; each vine ball is 100% bird safe and made with lots of pieces of natural vine. These many pieces have been formed into a sphere and have been brightly colored to be super bird enticing. The balls are very lightweight, too, letting pets of all ages and abilities manipulate the foot toys. You can further entertain your pet with their hollow centers by stuffing the ball with their favorite shredding and foraging material. The balls can even be strung around the cage or from other toys for a fun natural adornment. These balls are so delightful they can be used for traditional art and craft projects. These balls will vary slightly in shape and size as they are natural items. Each ball has an approximate diameter of (2.0) inches, but this does vary from pack to pack as these are natural items.
  • The Pk3 Colored and Crazy Vine Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful and fun natural bird foot toys!
  • These excellent natural vine balls are 100% bird safe and brightly colored to stand out in the cage.
  • The balls are lightweight and very easy for pets to pick up with their beak and feet.
  • The balls are made from the natural vine and work perfectly as chewing and foraging materials.
  • The Pk3 Colored and Crazy Vine Balls can even be used with regular arts and crafts with their bright colors